BCMD will continue to focus on producing resources and content for teachers, parents, political parties, students, and member of civil society to deepen their understanding of democracy. We will produce resources (print, online, audio-visual) to help share ideas generated by forums and discussions, and help to sensitise people to democratic ideas, discussions and thinking. Educational institutes will continue to be our main beneficiaries. Programme activities aim to produce Bhutanese content to prompt thinking and discussion on media and democracy.


  • Produce websites, publications, and a regular newsletter (Mi-Khung), an active citizen’s guide every 2nd year, and the forum’s publication.
  • Radio series and podcasting. BCMD will strengthen youth podcasts and produce an annual radio soap drama series to depict the tensions, challenges and successes of our democratic transition to reach out to people in the rural areas. The series will be discussed in selected listener groups to encourage discussion on democracy.