2021 Summer Programme

Shifting gears from brainstorming and ideating (which was the focus during the previous winter camp), the summer camp emphasized developing the youths’ advocacy and communication skills. Since the advocacy content was finalized, the programme was kicked off by delving directly into the advocacy materials and presenting them to each other in a timed-and-rotated format. At the end of this activity, every participant had the chance to listen to all the materials. 
Having developed a broad understanding of all materials, the participants were then grouped into five groups aligning with the five themes based on their interest and confidence in their ability to relate to the issue. They were also encouraged to think of their ability to move the audience as they spoke about the issue through these three questions: 1. What is the issue at hand? 2. How does this issue impact you? 3. How to relate the issue with the call to action?
Having chosen their groups and the respective sub-issue within the themes, the next day was largely spent on communication. With help from an external trainer who comes from a theatre background, the participants were taken through the basics of sound and communication. Incorporating ice-breaking and creativity-flourishing activities, the goal of the day was to train participants in using not just their voice but also their bodies, gestures and mood to communicate as effectively as they possibly could. The participants were then sent home and asked to refine their advocacy pitches so that the next day, they could leverage on both the ‘content’ aspect as well as the ‘form’ to deliver their piece. After that participants rehearsed and received feedback on their pitches, constantly improving it till the shooting day at Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS).
Still operating within the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, the advocacy campaign has now taken a video format, which was aired over a period of five weeks starting 12 August 2021. The campaign video weaves together the youth participants’ voices with the campaign music video and highlights 4-6 sub-issues within each of the themes. Simultaneously with the national campaign on BBS, a parallel campaign is being launched on social media (Facebook & Instagram) as well. The social media campaign will utilize the advocacy posters developed to highlight the themes and issues explored in the national campaign BBS. It will follow a weekly cycle with themes changing each week and posts every day till the end of the campaign period.