Actualising Youth Engagement for Inclusive Decision-making

The 2022 Youth Initiative brought together youth from diverse backgrounds to discuss Bhutan’s current socio-economic issues, where the looming threat of climate change and the paradox of balancing environmental conservation with economic development were discussed. Together the youth identified problems and brainstormed on the different opportunities to help resolve these issues. The solutions proposed by youth were shared on Digital Engagement Platforms; the Summer camp solutions were shared on the Youth Conversations Platform and the Winter camp solutions were shared on the Citizen Engagement Platform, TENDREL. The solutions were then opened to nationwide polling and the findings of the platform were compiled as a report to help better inform decision-makers on youth and the public perspectives’ on these issues. The project “Actualising Youth Engagement for Inclusive Decision-making” worked towards building an enabling space for youth to influence decision-making by empowering them to share their perspectives.

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