Tshering Samdrup, Youth Initiative talks about the transformation he underwent by attending the camps. 

Attending the Youth Initiative (YI) has helped me explore my mind and build a stronger foundation to be comfortable in dealing with other people.

Before regardless of what it was, I remember always feeling a sense of nervousness but now, I find myself being able to interact with a sense of newfound confidence.

We received background training in topics like Gross National Happiness which I feel everyone should understand beyond its superficial aspects. Even when I go to my village during breaks, I find myself engaging willingly about our democratic and electoral processes. I find myself even interested in wanting to speak to people in the government such as our civil servants.

As compared to other youth forums that I have attended in the past, YI was different in how inclusive it was and in revealing the interconnectedness we all live in.

The YI helped us mould our mindset — to be broad and always in the service of the greater social good. This way of thinking has made us learn to genuinely appreciate criticisms for our presentations or group work.

When we can transcend feeling personally attacked by critical comments to receiving it with a mindset of constant improvement, I feel we jump to the next level of maturity in thought and action.

Tshering Samdrup, YI Member 2020

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