The second day started by welcoming his excellence The President of RTC, Thakur Singh Powdel to the YI program. The informative session encompassed the concerns of Youth and how to review an education policy.

After a short tea break, we had a presentation on Social Media by Phuntsho Choden Gyeltshen. Then Tim Haung, the planning officer of YDF trained us the basic tips for debating, public speaking and public narrative. We had enriching activities where we got t know more about our friends and shared our concerns(story of self, us  and now). Tim also shared about using quick statistics like logos, numbers and signs for Lucid Comprehension

Then we were dismissed for lunch which was as heavenly as ever.

Then the afternoon session continued with debating activity where we were divided in 6 groups. The groups were given 3 statements on which they had to debate on. The debaters from each group were energetic and powerful and they fought till their last breath.

Then Dasho Nima from National Council of Bhutan headed the session and briefed us on parliamentary debate and procedures. He cleared all our doubts without hesitating and we too imposed the questions that was troubling us.

By Selden(Youth Representative 2016)

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