Building on the successes of the pilot project, the first-ever cohort of YI (comprising of 28 youth from high schools, colleges and those working) is trained on Deliberation, Dialogue, Media literacy, Policymaking and Representation. At the conclusion of the week-long winter camp, three committees are formed to address identified issues: Education Committee (Central School Project), Social Media Committee (Social Media Policy) and Sustainable Development Committee (Rehabilitation of Polluted Land).

However, during the summer camp, the youths felt that although it is crucial to research and deliberate on concerned issues, there is a need to lead a more result-based locally-rooted initiative. Thus, three committees are formed which will carry out their local action project: Community Welfare (Promoting locally produced potato chips in Thimphu school canteens), Social Justice (Creating a safe path for differently-abled persons and patients between JDWNRH and Memorial Chorten) and Education (Organizing reading campaigns in selected schools within Thimphu).