The last Steering Committee quarterly meeting was held on 2nd November, 2019 at The Media Lab. Considering its huge importance towards shaping the next cycle of Youth Initiative (happening in January 2020), the huge turnout was a welcomed sight.

As is the purpose of the Steering Committee, the members discussed the progress of the past YI 2019 in context of the aim & objectives of YI; this helped guide discussion for YI 2020.

Some of the significant discussion were centered around extending the length of the winter YI camp so that participants are able to focus on getting their position papers to a good first draft.

Another significant point was raised regarding the purpose and shape of the summer YI camp to create multiple trainings that happen simultaneously to cater to the needs of different groups. The idea is to equip the participants with necessary skills so that they are able to create an action plan to act on the learnings of their position papers.