Once selected into the YI, each member will attend a week long training camp (residential) in January. This workshop is conducted to train members on debate, deliberation and action. Nearing the end of the training workshop, members will cast votes to elect a speaker and president. The roles and responsibilities for these posts are reflected in this ToR. During the last days of training, Youth Reps will decide on what issues they want to deliberate on. With this, members will group themselves and being their research. At the end of their research and training, a Parliamentary style sitting will be conducted. During this debate, members will present about their group’s issues and respond to others. The purpose of this debate is for the group to decide upon a resolution that they will undertake. The respective groups will then form local action plans based on these resolutions. As reflected in the YI application form, it is important that every member understand that 8 months out of the 10 a year that the YI is active for, will be spent on action. This requires members to commit a few hours every week.

Time Commitment: Youth Reps will serve a term of 1 year, attend 10­day orientation in addition to the two main sessions during the winter and summer holidays
How appointed: Application­based

Age range: 16­25 years

Must fill in the YI application form

• To support youth voice and actively engage with every youth that they can associate with • To organize events and projects in the schools using a small, discretionary
• To run awareness campaigns and influence decision­makers on the issues
which matter most to young people
• To plan and execute local actions based on their resolutions

• Approachable
• Inclusive of everyone
• Experience­none needed

Exit Policy:
An Youth Reps may resign from the YIDDD if the Youth Rep is unable to perform their role due to illness, moving countries or resignation.

Code of Conduct & Commitment
Principles: As a Youth Representative, you have the responsibility to uphold the following principles:
• Seek to represent no partisan view

• Engage in solely issue based discussions
• Ensure that all young people are given a voice on an issue that affects them, as long as it does not affect the rights of others
• To honor the people you represent

Responsibility: During your term of office, it is your responsibility to:
• Identify, discuss, and debate issues of concern to young people.
• Act on these issues and identify how to make a change at a local level, or resist unwanted change. You must also follow up decisions or actions.
• Develop and increase the representation of young people to their benefit. Conduct: As a representative, we ask you to comply with the expectations of conduct when undertaking your duties:
• Your choices and decisions should always be informed by what your constituents want and not your personal choice.
• At all times, you should act in a way that does not damage the reputation of
the YI
• Promote a spirit of cooperation, ethical practice, and fair dealing with the
other Youth Reps
• Avoid attacking the motives of other Youth Reps, and shall refrain from making adverse comments about the work, knowledge, or other qualifying aspect
of a Youth Rep
• To not represent or promote any party political views and are expected to remain free from any party­political influence whilst representing constituents.
• Respect and listen to the views of others, challenge discrimination, and promote equal opportunities
• Conduct oneself so as to reflect credibility as a Youth Rep and inspire the confidence, respect and trust of the public

Expectations: The following are expected of you during your term of office:
• It is important that you take your role and duty seriously when you are representing the YI.
• You must attend all YI­related events and maintain regular contact with
the President and Steering Committee.
• At monthly meetings, you will be asked to report on what you have done and helped with an action plan. You must notify the Speaker 48 hours in advance
if you cannot attend.
• You should check updates on the YI Facebook/web page and respond
to questions, consultations, meeting and voting request.
• It is your responsibility to report any difficulties with emails or communication
to either the Steering Committee or the President so we can find a solution.
• Immediately report to the Steering Committee any known or suspected violation
of this code of conduct. When requested, the Youth Reps shall provide
testimony to the Steering Committee, and shall assist the committee in the

fulfillment of its charge.
Support: In return for complying with the above, you will receive the following from the YIDDD:
• Regular notice and information about meetings and events
• Opportunities to attend special conferences, trainings, or activities.
• Public transport costs to and from your home to all meetings in your role as Youth Reps should be covered.
• Appropriate refreshment and subsistence while serving your roles as Youth Reps
• Support with your own personal development and development of your role as Youth Reps to help you do the best you can.
Roles and Responsibilities for the Speaker/President­elects

1. The Speaker shall conduct the sessions of the Youth Parliament and have the sole authority to call members to debate.

2. The Speaker shall preserve the dignity and decorum in the Youth Parliament and maintain discipline among members.

3. The President will represent the YI in external gatherings and meetings. If the President is otherwise occupied and can’t do so, she/he will nominate someone on their behalf.

4. The Speaker should organise monthly meetings with the YI and bi­annual meetings with the Steering Committee with assistance from the BCMD only on the latter.

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