Vision: A vibrant democracy where citizens are engaged and proactive


Mission: To nurture democracy in Bhutan through civic engagement,

public discourse and media literacy


Our Work at BCMD is Guided by the Following Principles:



That democracy is strengthened when there is respect for diversity and when citizens understand the culture of democracy beyond the electoral process:


  • BCMD’s work is propelled by the recognition of fundamental human dignity as the raison dete for our work, rather than a one-dimensional rights discourse.  That democracy in Bhutan can be strengthened with an open and honest discourse with a focus on responsibility and rights of citizens


  • That BCMD will be a values-based organisation placing emphasis on enabling humans to fulfil their potential, to exercise agency by strengthening citizen voice and actions that promote public/societal interests.


  • That BCMD’s work is non-partisan and focuses on democratic principles. We encourage respect for diversity and more participatory and inclusive governance


  • The BCMD will collaborate with internal and external partners but will maintain, at all times, a conscious effort to work within the political, social, and cultural contexts of Bhutan. 


BCMD’s Core Operating Values


BCMD will consciously strive to maintain and promote the following values: 


Teamwork: Work as a team in a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, and equality.

Integrity: Be accountable and transparent by taking responsibility for everything that we do and promote a sense of belonging to one’s community and environment. 

Participation: Engage in society by participating in discussions, sharing our views, and being informed/ aware of current issues, and being of service to others. 

Innovation: Encourage individual independence and creativity and strive to promote innovative techniques/methods to solve problems.

Leadership: Take the responsibility to lead oneself, and develop the capacity to lead others through inspiration rather than by the authority.

Personal Development: Engage in continuous learning, developing skills and habits that will enable us to serve our community, society, and the global population.