The mission of BCMD is to nurture democracy in Bhutan through civic engagement, public discourse and media literate citizens.


A GNH­inspired vibrant democracy that engages all citizens


BCMD believes in the power of ideas and openness to change the world. We believe that Bhutanese society is capable of making Gross National Happiness a reality through a vigorously contested and transparent set of elected institutions, a professional media and literate society, social justice and equity. Within the organization, we believe our team members are our assets, and we uphold innovativeness, integrity, accountability and teamwork.

BCMD’s Objectives:

● Create a responsible citizenry that will actively engage in the practices of democracy.

● Strengthen the professionalism of the media and help educate both media professionals and their audiences as to the role of the media in building a democratic society.

● Create public spaces for civic discourse.

● Create multi­media resources for/on media and democracy and promote their distribution.

● Strengthen the institutions of civil society, most of which are newly created.