Call for Quotation

Posted by Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, April 26th, 2022

Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy would like to seek rates from the Bhutanese nationals with valid Bhutanese license holders in a sealed envelope for Tote bags with the following specifications. 


1. Size: (Bag) Length : 32 cm  Breath: 34.5 cm

 2.Bag Handle size: Length : 60 cm  Breath: 3.5 cm

3. Quality  : Canvas Tote Bags with color logo prints and texts on both sides of the bag.
4. Text: EB Garamond Medium
5. Color: #02662d

6. Line Space for text height: 0.99

The quotation should reach the office of BCMD addressed to AFD, BCMD, Thimphu on or before 04 May 2022 during office hours.