Community Mapping Testimonials

Posted by Tempa Wangdi, May 15th, 2018

Community Mapping

BCMD reached 237 participants in its 13 Community Mapping exercises implemented from 2013-2017. The participants were mostly youth comprising of 150 male and 87 female from primary/high/higher secondary schools and colleges. A small number of adults from various professionals such a teaching, business, and armed force also took part in the mapping activities.


  • Realisation of One’s Potential as Part of a Community
  • Personal Development
  • Increased Awareness of Social Issues
  • Improved Facilitation Skills
  • Helped Improve Professional and Technical Skills


“It meant that an entrepreneur could bring change too. You do not have to abandon your passion to make a societal change,” said Ngawang Gyeltshen, one of the participants of the community mapping.

“Conducting the programme at the Youth Summitas a facilitator was great. We were given the chance to come up. I felt very happy and satisfied. When I think about it, I still get that positive energy,” said a Youth Summit participant Rai.