Invitation for auction of unserviceable equipment

Posted by Tempa Wangdi, July 3rd, 2018

BCMD invites sealed bids from Interested bidders for the auction of the following items “as it is and where it is the basis”. The bids should be addressed to Executive Professional Director, BCMD, Thimphu. Submit the bids before 13 July 2018. For further inquiry and inspection of the items, please call 327903/102.

List of equipment/furniture & appliances for auction


Sl. No.

Particulars Quantity Coding  

Present condition of the items

1 Water Dispenser 1 No BCMD/h20/Electric filter/MIYAKO/1 Unserviceable
2 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/HELVETAS/02 Unserviceable
3 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Heelvetas/01 Unserviceable
4 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Heater/1 Unserviceable
5 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Heater/2 Unserviceable
6 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Heater/4 Unserviceable
7 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Heater/6 Unserviceable
8 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Heater/7 Unserviceable
9 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Heater/8 Unserviceable
10 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Heater/10 Unserviceable
  Particulars Quantity Coding  
1 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Journal/01 Unserviceable
2 Halogen Heater 1 No BCMD/Journal/02 Unserviceable
  Particulars Quantity Coding  
1 Room radiator 2 nos BCMD/Room radiator/ML 1 & 2 Unserviceable
2 Rag Kamal Chair 1 nos BCMD/ML/Chair/03 Unserviceable
3 Computer Table 10 nos BCMD/Computer Table/07 Unserviceable