January eNews 2023

Posted by Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, February 1st, 2023

Starting off 2023 with Youth Summit in East

31 youth from four different schools in Trashigang took part in a five-day learning experience where they explored their roles as youth in their community, discussed issues that affect their generation, and learned how to get involved in the development of their community.

Concurrently, a Training of Trainers oriented 11 decision makers/planners (Local Leaders, Dzongkhag administration officers, and relevant agencies working with young people) on how  to promote young people’s participation in their community development.

Kinzang Dorji, the Thrizin said, “The consultations with the local government prioritised farmers and livestock, and it never occurred to us  to consult the youth or people with disabilities”.

A joint mapping of the public services in Trashigang revealed that many sports and recreational facilities are adult-male centred  excluding young people and girls in particular. 

The training highlighted the importance of young people and adults working together towards a common goal on community development.

We are grateful to UNICEF for supporting this project.

Bhutan Democracy Forum foreshadows Media influence on upcoming General Elections

On the eve  of the fourth general elections, the 2023 Bhutan Democracy Forum on Media and Elections was held on 13th January. The forum was attended by 50 participants including a member of the parliament, local government leaders, political parties, government officials and media personnel.

The forum highlighted collaborations between government agencies, civil society organisations and tech firms as a key to fighting misinformation and disinformation during elections. 

The forum highlighted challenges in accessing information that undermines the mandate of the media to inform the public and the ill-preparedness of youths to partake in democratic processes aside from making informed choices of their representatives.

The forum  was supported by UNDEF.

BCMD Getaway –  Foresighting Session 

The BCMD team took a three-day retreat to Phuentsholing last week, taking time off its  daily routines to energise and  gear up for another exciting year ahead. 

We reflected on our organisation’s vision, mission, values,  work culture and processes.  We generated ideas to improve and strengthen our work culture, efficiency and developed tools to help do that. 

The members are all set to  collaborate more effectively as a team and take on 2023


Upcoming Events

Advocacy on Inclusive Policy Discussion

After a series of workshops carried out on Design thinking with policy makers and members of marginalised groups, BCMD is gearing up to share stories from people with disabilities, youth, women and caregivers to improve the welfare for all. 

Be on the lookout for our invitation to the event!   

We would like to thank the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT) for supporting this project. 

Youth Initiative 2023 Winter Camp 

The Youth Initiative 2023 winter camp will sensitise the participants on the Child Rights Convention, help them critically analyse their roles in the community and empower them to share their experiences. The findings from the camp will help contribute to the alternative report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) to supplement the State of Children’s Rights report.

We would like to thank UNICEF for supporting this project.