Students Adopt Spring Water at Tilikaysa

Posted by Green E-Solutions, October 24th, 2017


Shaba Higher Secondary School (SHSS) has completed carrying out the protection and conservation of spring water at Tilikaysa in Shaba at Paro on October 21.

The protection and conservation of the spring water were one of the local action plans proposed during the community mapping. SHSS proposed for the protection of the spring water since 12 households depending on the mountain spring had to consume unsafe drinking water. Without proper fence and barricade, livestock animals such as cattle and dogs straying into the source has led to contamination of water.

But following the implementation of the local action plan, students and teachers of SHSS has fenced and secured the water source using mesh wire and Corrugated Galvanised Iron (CGI) sheets. The participants of the community mapping from the SHSS will present their learning experiences and project impacts to the Paro Town Committee Meeting in November.