Tender for T.V series JURWA

Posted by Green E-Solutions, May 20th, 2016

The Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy is calling for film makers to assist in producing a TV series based on our radio play, Jurwa, a story of change about our democratic transition.

This will be a 15 part TV series of about 20-25 minutes each.

The terms of reference for this service is available below.

The bid should be submitted in sealed envelope on or before April 8th, 2016.

A signed

  • hard copy can be dropped off at the Bhutan Centre of Media and Democracy
  • Office located above Changgangkha Lhakhang, CDCL building during office hours (9:00 AM-5:00 PM).

Only shortlisted producers will be called for discussions within 3 weeks after the tender’s submission.

Terms of Reference for Production of Jurwa TV Series


BCMD’s 43-episode radio drama serial is still airing on local stations with good impact and feedback. BCMD continues to use the radio play as a prompt for discussion through listening clubs in Non-formal Education Centres in selected districts in Bhutan and in rural libraries where women’s educational activities are conducted. Other CSO partners and radio stations have asked to use these programmes for their own educational outreach.

Feedback from teachers and rural women we have reached tell us that the story will have good impact on TV since it has a large audience. We propose to produce ‘Jurwa’ into a 15-part TV serial for broadcast by picking on selected themes on youth engagement and gender issues as well as the experience from our first two rounds of general elections. The series will highlight both youth and gender issues and include: Youth standing for elections, youth and politics/democracy, role of youth in a democracy. Similarly the Jurwa series has a young main character who models the Bhutanese youth who is going to stand for elections to make a difference and the various challenges he faces in making this decision and in gaining acceptance in the current system. Our gender role model is also a youth who decides finally to stand for local elections. Such issues will be presented with humour, romance and in a lighter manner to make it more palatable to youth and other viewers.

We will use the TV series for our on-going training on democracy literacy for teachers. We will have a team of producers use the Jurwa script to create a TV series for broadcast on BBS. We are negotiating costs of the broadcast with the national broadcaster. Depending on the final agreements, the number of episodes can go up or down depending on the final broadcast costs.

1. Overall objective of the project

The overall objective of the assignment is to produce a Jurwa TV Series to be aired on the national television (BBS) with close supervision on the content/script by BCMD.

2. Specific tasks for the Consultancy Firm or Production house

  • To interact with concern BCMD official for the making of Jurwa TV Series
  • To select relevant and good Radio Jurwa Series from Part I, II for making Jurwa TV Series
  • To Develop and translate into meaningful TV Screenplay from the selected Radio Jurwa Series.
  • The TV Series Episode duration, quality and content should meet the international Broadcasting standards.
  • Develop a Theme Song/Signature Music, Original background score.

3.    Output/ Deliverables

  • Location hunting for the village and other Scenes.
  • Auditioning the Characters and casting.
  • Submit a storyboard and screenplay for the Jurwa TV series to BCMD for approval.
  • The setting should be in both the rural and urban area.
  • The language/ audio of the TV series should be in Dzongkha.
  • Present each complete episode to BCMD for final Approval. 

4. Required Qualifications and Experience of the Consultancy Firm/Production House

    The consultancy firm/video production firm will be required to have:

  • Five and above years of experience working in similar field.
  • Extensive experience in producing Feature films and TV Serials.
  • Experience in working with Multi organizations.
  • Excellent Conceptual capacities ( state of art filming)
  • Technical Capacities, to ensure smooth and high quality production.

5. Duration of the Assignment

  • The assignment is expected to 6 months, from the date of signing the contract.
  • half month to develop screenplay
  • 2 month to do filming
  • 1 and half month to post production
  • Half month to compilation for preview
  • Half month for final correction

6. Intellectual Property

All information pertaining to this project (Video, Images, audio, etc…) belonging to the BCMD, which the Consultancy firm may meet in the performance of his/her, duties under this consultancy shall remain the property of the BCMD, who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever without written permission of the BCMD in line with the national Copyright Laws applicable.

7. Contractual arrangements and supervision

The Consultancy firm will be hired under BCMD terms of contract and supervised by the BCMD solely for the purpose of delivering the above outputs, within the agreed time frame.

8. Remuneration     

   The Consultancy firm’s payment shall be based on the financial proposal developed.

Payment shall be made in three installments of:

  • 40% down payment upon submission of an inception report acceptable to the  BCMD
  • 20% upon submission of an acceptable draft preview of the TV Series
  • 40% final payment upon submission of the final outputs, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from the BCMD

9. Application Procedure

  • Applicants are required to submit the following:
  • A Technical Proposal: Letter of Interest, stating why you consider your firm suitable for the assignment:
  • Brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment:
  • CVs of the core team members
  • Work references- contact details firms for whom you have produced similar assignments. Valid Trade License and up to date of Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Produce past working experience on one TV serial episode and submit the best one for review
  • Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of all the expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment inclusive to taxes. The proposals must be submitted in separate sealed envelope: the technical proposal and the financial proposal.

10. The points given to evaluation criteria are:

Sl no. Criteria Points (100)
1 Experience of the Consultancy firm(s) in audio-visual content and produce one best sample of the previous works for review                25
2 Adequacy of the proposed work in responding to the Terms of Reference (Credentials, experience and CV of core members, organization and staffing                40
3 Methodology for performing the assignment (Strategies, work plan with schedule, content and time allocation as per the importance of the content                15
4 Financial proposal                20