YI Camp Ends in High Note

Posted by Green E-Solutions, July 20th, 2017

The participants of this year’s Youth Initiative (YI) Camp including teachers, youths and YI members are excited and looking forward on using their multimedia production skills in schools, colleges, and work places.

Participants spoke of diverse ideas of the future plans to use their texts, audio, images, and video skills in number of ways. While some wanted to shoot short documentary on the famers to bring out their hardships, others wanted to create space for many issues overlooked in the mainstream media coverage.

One of the teacher trainees from Paro College of Education wanted to use these multimedia skills to improve her teaching methods.

“I can use these skills to make teaching more attractive to children through use of videos,” the trainee from Paro College of Education said.

The participants also found the News and Media Literacy sessions informative. “The news and media literacy sessions were important and educative,” another participant said.

News and media literacy was also part of the YI Camp Multimedia Training. These sessions covered news and media literacy as an important fundamental aspect of a democratic institution.

During these sessions, BCMD talked about the news neighbourhood and power of information. To further educate participants on news literacy, sessions on judging the credibility of information were conducted. It touched on importance of verification, independence and accountability and how to evaluate sources in a news article.

Since, news literacy in incomplete without including fairness and bias, participants was put through group exercises on these two contentious aspects of journalism. The News and Media Literacy sessions also covered a pertinent issue of social media and ethics surrounding it.

In this exercise, they were walked through pros and cons of social media conversation. At the end of the session, participants came out with a social media guideline for themselves.

The training ends today evening.