Youth Summit Facilitators’ Training Begins

Posted by Green E-Solutions, July 23rd, 2017

In prep up to upcoming Youth Summit, next week, BCMD has started training teachers, Youth Initiative Members and members from CSOs to facilitate the summit, which will be participated by students from schools in the east, south, central and west.

This time, around 90-100 students will be attending the summit that gives youth a platform to discuss on the role of youth in democracy. In order to facilitate students from these schools, BCMD has started training over 12 people from diverse occupations in facilitation.

This group of facilitators will facilitate and guide the youth groups in the Youth Summit. In training, facilitators are taught on facilitation, facilitator for social change and action learning.

The training will also help enhance these participants’ skills to inspire, motivate, and organise youth and their groups better. As this group of facilitators train, they will learn and reflect on the group composition. More importantly, they will learn to create positive learning environment and positive dynamics amidst challenges.