4th Youth Summit Press Release: BE THE CHANGE

Posted by Tempa Wangdi, July 12th, 2018

When: 11-14 July. Time: 9AM. Where: Royal Thimphu College. Place: Thimphu, Bhutan.


Dreaming an ideal Bhutan

Thimphu, 9 July 2018: About 110 students from schools across the country are coming to “Dream” an “Ideal Bhutan” in the 4th Youth Summit (YS) that Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) will conduct at Royal Thimphu College. Facilitators at the summit include a group of 12 youth from the Youth Initiative and other BCMD youth alumnus.

BCMD initiated the Youth Summit in 2015 to engage youths during the summer vacation to supplement efforts to nurture socially conscious citizenry inspired to bring about positive change in the society. As an inclusive forum for youth from different socio-economic backgrounds, academic standings and gender identities – the programme takes the youth through a reflective process of self-discovery, understanding socio-economic issues and the role of youth in a democracy. BCMD aims to enable them to understand that democracy is not just about voting alone, but about our everyday actions, and the depth of our discussions on a variety of societal issues.

The summit provides youth with a much sought after space to develop their own ideas and step-down action plans to bring about positive impact in their communities. In doing so, it creates a platform for young people to discuss and share their ideas about nagging social issues and roles youth can play to address these problems. During the four-day residential programme, the youth get to listen to and interact with leaders in social work, and others who can inspire them through sharing of stories, experiences and reflections. The participants also get to network with other youth and young leaders.

Youth Summit also provides hands-on facilitation experience to youth leaders. Having trained as peer-facilitators, the youth leaders practice facilitation and coordination skills in real-life setting by co-facilitating and assisting the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy. We look forward to another fun-filled, exploratory and socially vocal and active Youth Summit.


The event is supported by UNICEF Bhutan.


For more information contact: Meenam Nepal, Asst. programme officer, BCMD.