Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy receives the National Order of Merit

Posted by Green E-Solutions, December 17th, 2016

His Majesty the King recognised the work and importance of civil society on the national day through a National Order of Merit Award for CSOs. 22 CSOs and 1 religious organisation received the award at the 109th National Day celebrations in Trongsa on 17th December.

Speaking to the CSOs, His Majesty emphasised the importance of service to the nation and the people, and the importance of these values for the younger generation. In other countries, service has been “monetised”, His Majesty said these values of serving others are being challenged and that Bhutan must find ways to keep such values alive for the future generations.

“I have been observing the CSOs to see if they are showing genuine interest and selfless dedication to serving our people. Now after many years, without any doubt, I can say that the CSOs present here today are serving our people and the country,” His Majesty told the group.

His Majesty said that the award is a recognition to motivate the future generations to put effort into serving the country and society. The commendation on the plaque awarded to the organisations stated:

“ For volunteering time and effort towards promoting humanitarian values, our culture and tradition, and our national objectives; for working passionately and tirelessly for the benefit of others; for taking on the responsibility to provide support and assistance wherever the government is unable to reach, and for keeping alive the sacred values of compassion and empathy.”

His Majesty the King offered Tashi Delek to the civil society fraternity.

BCMD dedicates this honour and recognition to all our partners, benefactors, and the many youths who engage with us. We are grateful to our board directors and our donors, past and present.

Thank you all for supporting and working with us on this journey to democratisation.

BCMD started as a non-profit in 2008 and was the first CSO to be formally registered in Bhutan in 2010.