Connecting Community through youth engagement

Posted by Green E-Solutions, June 12th, 2015

Civil society organisations (CSOs) have been making headway in initiating community development and community engagement projects in Bhutan. With the youth comprising 60 percent of the population, the potential the Bhutanese youth hold for community development is tremendous.

In this context, how do we strengthen team building in CSOs, and how can we harness the energy of the Bhutanese youth effectively? BCMD with members from SIM university in Singapore held a 3 days workshop (from June 9 – 11) for CSOs and those who are working with youth groups.

During the three days workshop the participants learned about Service learning, how to strengthen team building and how to harness the energy of Bhutanese youth effectively. On the third day, the participants were divided into group and each group visited a local CSO and presented their finding and understandings to the rest of the participants.

Check out a short video that shows a glimpse of the last day workshop activity.