Inviting quotation rate for Braille Continuous sheet

Posted by Tempa Wangdi, September 10th, 2018

BCMD invites sealed quotation rates from licensed supplier for supply of the following material:

  1. Type: Braille continuous sheet
  2. Size: 11 by 11 and a half inches
  3. Other specification: plastic cover with round plastic ring of half inch size
  4. Label sticker


The sealed quotation rate should be submitted addressed to Deputy Director BCMD on/or before 14 September 2018 during office hour. For further inquiry write to or call Director Programme and Development at 02 327903/104. For sample verification, please visit BCMD office located above Changankha Lhakhang (in the same building where CDCL office is also located) and meet Chencho Lhamu, Director Programme & Development, BCMD, Thimphu