Quotation Call for Tote Bags & Tee Shirts and

Posted by Tempa Wangdi, May 27th, 2019

Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy would like to seek rates from the Bhutanese nationals with
valid Bhutanese Trade license in a sealed envelope for cloth Tote bag (with print on both sides) and Tee Shirts (with prints on both sides) for Adults. Designs will be
provided by the BCMD. Check the following specifications:

Item I: Tote Bag

Size :14x12x5 and 14x12x4.

Rates Sought for:

 600-700 bags
 700-800 bags
 800-900 bags

Item II: Tee Shirt

Size: Large, Medium, and Small

Rates Sought for:

 100-200 Shirts
 200-300 Shirts
 300-400 Shirts