The Fourth Youth Initiative, Winter session

Posted by Green E-Solutions, January 16th, 2017

Press Release

Youth Initiative for Research, Dialogue and Deliberation

15th-21st January 2017

Media Lab, YDF


Programme Coordinator: Tshewang Lhamo

Programme Officer

Phone No.326606/327903

Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy


The fourth Youth Initiative kicked off on 15 till 21st January at the Media Lab, YDF. About 35 youths from all over the country gathered to learn various skills that will prepare them to be active citizens. The week-long programme is designed to:

  • Develop research, debate, dialogue and deliberation skills.
  • Strengthen the ability of youth to share their voice.
  • Inculcate democratic approaches to solving pressing community issues through community-based actions.

During the course of the week, the participants will identify issues in their community, research on the issues and come up with innovative solutions to address the issues. They will also learn what it means to be an active citizen and how as a citizen they can contribute actively to civic engagement. The participants will also have an opportunity to interact with Members of Parliament. On the 2nd day, the participants met with the National Council Member, Dasho Sangay Khandu to talk about policies and how it is deliberated in the parliament. Dasho shared his views on how young people can review policies and give feedback.

The participants will have similar opportunity to meet with another Member of Parliament Dasho Novin Darlami on 19th January who will talk to the participants on the women, children and youths’ fundamental rights and duties. The programme will also have guest speaker from Civil Society Organisation, RENEW who will present the context of civil society in Bhutan.

There are also few educational field trips planned with an aim to have hands on experience. One of the visit will be to Yusipang Research Centre for the youth to learn and explore more on the importance of agriculture and its relation with youth in socio-economic development.

With all the skills and knowledge gained from the various sessions, the participants will make a presentation of their local action plan to relevant organisations and stake holders.