Updates from the final day of Youth Initiative’s Summer Training

Posted by Green E-Solutions, July 20th, 2016
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Michael Rutland, steering committee member expressing his views.

The youth representatives met with the Youth Initiatives’s (YI) steering committee on the final day of the training to discuss the way forward. Youth representative and the steering committee discussed why YI should continue with its work, explored actions to be considered by YI , future collaboration with other youth groups/programmes, recruitment, membership and sustainability of YI.




“It’s marvellous to see YI continuing. Many things start and disappear in Bhutan but the fact that YI is still going is a good sign. And its role gets bigger and bigger and more and more important year by year. YI provides an opportunity for young people to make their voices known in a way that’s acceptable and beneficial to society. Not in disruptive ways with appalling consequences as we see globally on the news with protests and so forth. YI is an important initiative in Bhutan”- Michael Rutland.