Youth to Implement Six Action Plans

Posted by Green E-Solutions, August 1st, 2017

Participants of 3rd Youth Summit will implement six step down action plans over the next few months, which they proposed during the summit.

BCMD organised its annual Youth Summit: Youth as Change Makers from July 26-28 for youth across the country. Youths from various schools like Rangjung Central School and Sherubtse College in Trashigang, and Yebilaptsa Central School in Zhemgang attended the summit.

Students from College of Natural Resources, Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Science (KGUMS), and other youths from nearby schools and graduates took part in the Youth Summit. Few teachers from these schools and faculty members from some colleges also actively participated in the summit as facilitators.

During the three-day summit, 91 youths who were divided into six different family groups. Each family group proposed one step down action plan. All the six action plans are oriented to the communities around their colleges and schools.

Six action plans were proposed by six family groups, which were formed regionally for the ease of implementation of the projects.

Names of the six groups were derived from a letter of the word “Change” since this year’s summit was themed “Youth As Change Maker.”

“Creative” family group, which included students from Yebilaptsa Central School, proposed to protect drinking water source. Water is the major problem in Yebilaptsa Central School. Students want to fence off the water source to prevent animals straying into the source and other forms of disturbances.

Students want to work closely with the Local Government and Dzongkhag Forestry Office to materialise this project. They also plan to raise funds to sponsor the project through sale of pet bottles, which one of their members has undertaken.

The second family group “Hope” formed by students from KGUMS wanted to make pre-hospital First Aid training available to students. Currently, pre-hospital First Aid training is available only to people like ambulance drivers, fireman, cabbies, and policeman.

Groups “Accessibility” and “Nightingale” are going to work towards reducing the automobile workshop effluents from running into a stream at Metsina in Punakha.

The fifth family group, “Gender” is planning to work to teach English in nunneries.

The last group, “Explorers” comprised of students from Sherubtse College and Rangjung Central School aspires to help the unattended old people in the villages of Trashigang. They proposed to work towards providing clothes, food, and medical care to these needy people in the villages. The group wishes to get medical care to these elders in collaboration with Basic Health Units.