BCMD trains teachers to encourage youth participation in democracy

Posted by Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, May 10th, 2024













A Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop  on Nurturing Student Representatives was conducted from 6th – 8th May in Tsirang District. The objective of this workshop was to equip Educators with the necessary tools and strategies to foster a Democratic School Culture and Empower Student Representatives.  A total of 28 teachers from nine schools within Tsirang district attended the workshop.

The initiative was aimed at promoting active student participation and fostering civic engagement within educational institutions.The session emphasised the significance of cultivating a Democratic School Culture as a foundational step towards nurturing responsible citizenship among the young minds. Participants identified existing practises of a Democratic School Culture, including student participation in decision-making, involvement of student body representatives in all school administration meetings, school leadership election,  and community involvement. The participants were also introduced to the tools for promoting a more participatory and democratic culture within the school environment.














Teachers collectively discover the importance of parental engagement and inclusivity in fostering democratic ethos in the schools and society.

One of the participants praised the idea of including student leaders’ opinions in school policies and involving them in coordination meetings as a way to teach democratic values to students. In addition, students become empowered as well as responsible for decisions that affect their own lives and those of their cohort.

The event was implemented through the project, “ Project Mikhung (2.0): Capacitating the Local Government and citizens to strengthen people-centred planning,” supported by the Bhutan Foundation.

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