Youths attend training on Podcasting

Posted by Tempa Wangdi, October 7th, 2019

Oct 3, 2019











Some 20 youths presented their podcasts on various issues such as mental health, entrepreneurial hardships and gaming addiction in an exhibition in Thimphu yesterday. The exhibition was a result of a week-long training provided by Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) on podcasting titled ‘Dha Rei Na ba’ or Nowadays.

A podcast is an audio programme produced on a regular basis and delivered over the internet in a compressed digital format and designed for playback on computers or mobile phones.

The training was organised to enhance meaningful conversations and engagement with one another on issues that are of personal relevance and societal importance. The participants presented their podcasts on various issues to the blindfolded audience to keep them focused on listening to the stories.

“I came to know about Bhutan Alternatives well through podcasting. He did not set up the firm for making a profit or with an intention to accumulate wealth. It is a firm set up through his experience through hard work.  It is a project that will benefit the country and environment,” Tshering Tenzin, a Producer with Kuzoo FM, said.

“We wanted to bring a story from the subject’s side. We have been hearing about mental health in the media. We thought we will do it differently this time. We wanted to get in touch with someone who had gone through that phase and who has come out of it. We wanted to bring that human touch in our podcast,” Jamunamukhia said.

The BCMD says through the podcast they wanted to focus on issues through storytelling.

 “We have been in partnership with BBS radio and Kuzoo station. We have invited them here and if they like what we have to offer, then they can air our programs. Also, it will help in developing this podcasting project in future,” Ngawang Rigsar Wangchuk, the Program Officer of BCMD, said.

The BCMD also aims to use podcasting as a handy tool to help educate both media professionals and their audiences as to the role of the media in building a democratic society.

Tshering Dendup, BBS, Bhutan.